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Room for events

Weddings,  government meetings, scientific panels, "quinceañera" birthday celebrations, yoga and meditation retreats. Even Electronic Dance Music festivals. You name it. We’ve hosted it.

Our Auditorium has capacity for 250 people. If we agree, other parts of the Reserve can be available to the event participants.

A memorable location for any event


Please send us an email with:

  • the event’s purpose.

  • the events’ dates, times and coordinator’s contact information.

  • your need for chairs, tables, food, the lodgings, camping grounds, and other amenities we could provide.

  • an estimate of participants (please be aware that, not all participants may arrive on the day(s) of your event, if more participants arrive than agreed upon, adjustments will be made to the budget)


Please, be aware that we have turned down events such as the 2012 End of The World Weed Fest. Not only were the Reserve’s monkeys against the philosophical underpinnings of eschatology, but weed is illegal in Guatemala. Please plan accordingly.

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