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The CableBike

The CableBike crosses the valley of San Buenaventura from the oak forest overlooking the lake and volcanoes to the rock wall on the other side of the valley.

Ride your bike suspended in the air, hesitating between enjoying the scenery or focusing on the goal. Cycling over the coffee plantation and forest is an experience to be shared.


CableBike: Q170

• Price includes all the Reserve's attractions: Butterflies Geodome, nature trails, hanging bridges, children's play grounds, private lake shore, Visitor Center.​


  • Number of cables: 2 per CableBike

  • Length round trip: 500 m  

  • Cable length: 250 m

  • Maximum height of the CableBike 18 m  

  • Duration of the tour: 15 minutes

  • Length of the path to the BiciCable: 240 m

  • Vertical ascent on the trail 35 m 


Safety First

Although this is an extreme activity, CableBikes are particularly safe. You wear a harness independently hooked to the cable above. Our guides receive training in safety, rescue and first aid. Our equipment (harnesses, straps, pulleys, etc.) is certified in Europe and the USA. The design and construction of the cables conform to international safety standards and have been tested with loads that give a wide safety margin.


The cable has the curvature of a smooth arc, so that at the beginning the bike can glide by itself, while at the end it is necessary to pedal. Some people find the pedalling demanding, so it is better to pedal at a good pace right from the start. If you feel any fear, it helps to keep your eyes on the finish line.


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The tour

The cables are anchored on one side to a huge rock and on the other to the rock face of the mountain. On both sides there is an iron structure that facilitates the change of direction of the cables.

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