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The future is Today

C. S. R.

Why here? Why us?

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The San Buenaventura Valley in Panajachel, Guatemala has seen tremendous transformations from an ancient Mayan village at the end of the 1700s, to a sugarcane plantation in the mid 1800s and then, to a family coffee plantation in the early 20th Century when Don Moises Rivera Soto bought the land.

His descendant, in 1995, turned part of the valley into a Nature Reserve that began with a butterfly preserve and the nature trails. By 1997, the Nature Reserve opened its first visitor center. The waterfall hanging bridges were inaugurated in 1999, the new Visitor Center a couple of years later. In 2006 the Ziptrek, Cables X-Tremos, opened to the public and in 2012 the Cables ULTRA X-Tremos.

With such rich history, the family business assumes the corporate social responsibility to look after this extraordinary natural and cultural heritage. Since 2008 the Nature Reserve has been actively involved in the environmental movement of the Lake Basin and has hosted numerous meetings of grass roots organizations and has supported the Scientific Expeditions of 2010 and onwards.

Today, the Nature Reserve is a privileged place to enjoy the magnificent natural setting of the Lake Basin. And through its outreach programs and the sponsoring of “Todos por el Lago” [Everyone for the Lake], the Reserve is a place to talk about our common future.

Our goal is to maintain the living communities and their surroundings so that future generations can have access to this extraordinary legacy.​We are at the front-line of environmental awareness and the communication of science regarding the watershed.

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