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Phrases in Kaqchikel

Ninety-six percent of the population of the department of Sololá is descended from indigenous peoples. The languages spoken by these peoples are Kakchiquel, Tz'utujil and K'iche'. On the north side of the lake, where the Reserve is located, the vast majority speak Kakchiquel and Spanish. Almost all of our staff are bilingual, speakin Kaqchikel and Spanish. Here are some useful phrases in Kakchiquel.

Vocabulario clave


¿Cómo está?

Bien, gracias

Super bien




Buenos días

Buenos días señor / señora


Buenas tardes

Buenas noches



Pase adelante


El sendero es por aquí

De aquí para arriba


Aquí están las casas


Quiero agua

Quiero café

Quiero comer


Se cuida

Esperamos que vuelva pronto

Aquí lo esperamos


Aquí se paga la entrada


Ütz apetïk

Ütz awäch

Ütz, matiöx

Ütz pin pin,





Sekër tato / nana


Xqa’ q´ij

Xo’ka ‘a

 Ch'ab'ej chik


Katök pa´


Kere´ naba´ wa´

Kere yajote´


Wawe´ k´owa jay


Nwäjo' ya'

Nwäjo'  kapa'

Nwäjo' nküwa'


Tana´ kuent

Xkatzolïn tpa chïk 


Wawe yit k’ayobej wa´


Wawe´ ntojwa´

Key vocabulary


How are you?

Well, thank you

Super wow




Good morning

Good morning sir, lady


Good afternoon

Good night

Good bye


Come on in


The path is this way

From here up


Here are the houses


I would like water

I would like coffee

I would to eat


Take care

Hope you come back soon

We will wait for you


The entrance fee is paid here


Note: X  is pronounced as “sh” and j is pronounced as "h"

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