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It it safe?

Bring it on!

Yes! As long as you’re neither:

  1. ignoring our security instructions

  2. heavier than 14,000 lbs (7.26 metric tonnes)

This means that well trained, adolescent African bush elephant could go for it.

Our gear is certified in the USA as well as the EU, and like our facilities, they receive permanent maintenance 

What should I wear?

Casual clothing and comfortable shoes. Don't wear sandals or flip-flops.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, you’ve got to be older than 2 and younger than 85 years old. Those are the ages covered by our insurance. Children can choose to go in tandem with a guide.

What is riding in tandem with a guide?

It’s being safely attached to a guide who will brake for you in the cables. This is especially useful for children or people who prefer to solely sit back and enjoy the ride.

How long and difficult is the trail to reach the zip-lines?

The gradual climb takes about 20-25 minutes. It depends on how much time our guides stop for you to catch your breath and/or admire the forest. The trail is 450 m (1500 ft) long and has a vertical ascent of 80 m (260 ft). For the Ultras, you continue on the trail for 10 more minutes. It’s not too bad.

What do you see on the way to the zip-lines?

A lot. You’ll go by our coffee grove, 5 hanging bridges that cross valleys and rivers, the deciduous forest and an ancient bridle trail. This same trail leads to the Ultras, whose own trail has the forest on one side and a magnificent rock wall on the other.

Which one should I choose? The X-Tremos and the Ultras?

The X-Tremos are our classic ride. It has spectacular views and is a shorter hike than the Ultras. It is also a great introduction to zip-lining, as the cables are generally shorter and not as high in the air.

The Ultras are, well, ultra extreme. The cables are way longer and the views are astounding.

If you still can’t decide, check out all of these numbers:

Comparison of zip line courses

Distance between cables  






















If you still can’t decide, we have coins we can lend you to flip.

It is scary?

It can be, but most find it thrilling. Our guides are used to dealing with scared zip-liners, and we have a tiny 8 m (26 ft) zip-line that you can try before trying the actual circuit. We encourage you to go on the cables, but feel free to walk around the Reserve seeing all our other attractions!

  • Free parking

  • High speed internet

  • Free Wifi

  • Visitor Center

  • Auditorium (250 people)

  • Restaurant

  • Butterflies' Geodome

  • Zipline X-Tremos 

  • Zipline Ultra X-Tremos

  • Nature Trials

  • Hanging Bridges

  • Waterfalls